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What our client's are saying...

07/02/19: “Mr. Javorsky’s investigative work was the key to proving my innocence in a complex criminal case. I was falsely accused of a crime, I was facing prison, loss of my career, and the ability to provide for my family. Mr. Javorsky conducted an exhaustive multinational investigation which uncovered incriminating evidence against my accuser. Further, a long history of victimization of other men was also discovered. Mr. Javorsky contacted other victimized men overseas, their lawyers, provided translation for documentation, secured their support for my case, and ultimately helped proved my innocence. Today I have my freedom and my integrity is sound in the eyes of the law and my family. Mr. Javorsky’s diligence, breadth of experience, and professionalism helped save my life.”
This officer arrived at our home to find my nephew performing CPR on my mother who was in cardiac arrest. He took over performing CPR on her with urgency and sincere commitment! He worked on her for what seemed a lifetime! Sweating very heavy until medics arrived and they took over with the defibrillator. The officer stayed and coordinated activities between rescue, mortuary personnel and our family. He was tremendous help to us. It is in our opinion that the officer went far and beyond the scope of duty to show genuine concern and care for our family! This is the kind of public safety-law enforcement we pay tax for. My whole family would like to invite the officer over so that they all can meet the man who tried so hard to save my mother. Thank you!
— Phillip Brown & Family of Limon
Hi, Michael. Thanks for the report — I have no questions or concerns. Just wanted to say thank you again for doing your job so well and for returning *** home to me so quickly. I really appreciated your professionalism, personalized attention, and responsiveness — it really made a big difference — made me feel comfortable and confident in your ability to produce results, and that’s exactly what you did. I also recognize that you went above and beyond by taking *** into your home — I guess in addition to being excellent at your job, you are also just a really nice guy — thank you again.
— RK
We want to sincerely thank Officer Javorsky for his thoughtful persistence and willingness to go the extra mile to rescue our cat Cali who we consider a member of our family. His actions exemplify what a police officer should do to “Protect and Serve.” We have lived in this city almost twenty years an have had our share of problems. This officer has demonstrated time and again an attitude of compassion regarding the situation as well as being prompt courteous and thorough in resolution of the matters. The department and the community should be proud to have an individual that does his job so well!
— D. and G. Tripp
I went out to start my care @ 0430 11/20 and discovered the car had been stolen. I immediately called 911 and @ 0510 Officer Javorsky arrived to tell me that my car had been found. He not only rode me to the location to pick up my car but Officer Javorsky apparently was instrumental in apprehending the perpetrator. At all times, Officer Javorsky was courteous and professional. Nice Job!
— M. Port
Best $300 I ever spent, I will certainly be recommending your company.
— MP
Our mother was in the hospital and was dying, her request was to speak to her sister whom she had not seen or heard from in twenty-five-years. They had a falling out and a missing person’s report had been filed years ago. With limited information, and within a few days, you located our aunt living in a boarding house in California within a seedy part of town. You made physical contact with our aunt, who was uncooperative; however, ultimately agreed to provide you with a cell number. I visited our mother in the hospital with family present, and provided my mother with the cell number. Everyone in the hospital room started crying. My mother telephoned and they spoke. A few days later, our mother passed away. We are greatly appreciative of the investigative work you performed.
— JP, Mercer Island, WA
My son died in his sleep, from ketoacidosis due to diabetes. I’m sorry it has taken so long to send this to you. It has been very hard for me to accept my son’s death. It was so sudden. He was only 40. When I was cleaning out my son’s house, Officer Javorsky came + introduced himself + was a complete gentlemen. A few days later, he called me to see if I was ok. Believe me, I was so impressed + pleased by his kindness to me. Please thank him for me.
— P. Ousley
First of all thanks for everything. I’m in *** this weekend for exactly the reason you’re hinting at. It eases my mind to know that I can call upon you to do personal security. And *** is more likely to let YOU do it than any other. I was very impressed with your professionalism - assessing the risk-cost-benefit to all the options. And mostly in the end getting the results we needed. I will always credit you and your agency with saving ***’s life - literally. You were great at letting her make decisions, which as you know, is an important part of the healing process. Family and friends should not manipulate or try to control a DV victim - since it is exactly was the abuser does. I haven’t heard about the final cost yet. But you are definitely my new “go-to” company when I have security needs. Let’s arrange for a call this week to discuss your overall capabilities, especially in Asia. I am meeting with the Chief Security Officer *** this week and will be reporting to her about the great job you did for us as well.

We are lucky that *** didn’t/doesn’t know about the ***. If it shows he is *** especially to ***, I hope/believe I can get her to do something. My bigger issue is if he figures ****. I’m not sure I can get her to take that risk seriously. Over the weekend and in the next two weeks, I am hoping to persuade her to leave ***. If not, I believe she will be looking for a new apartment in the city. If she decides on a place, I might be interested in paying you to come to *** to do a safety assessment. She won’t pay but I will. Let’s talk more this week after I have a chance to talk to ***.

Thanks Michael. You and Ray were a God-send.
— Anonymous