Missing Persons & Emergency Locates

Whether you are looking for a missing person you lost contact with, has moved, or a person that is purposefully hiding, due to legal trouble, creditors, child support, etc... we can assist you in making a diligent search for them.  Missing persons and/or emergency locates are also a specialty of ours.  We follow modern day law enforcement techniques, training, and policies to locate missing persons or conduct emergency locates.  We know first hand that law enforcement agencies will take your missing person report and that is the end of it.  We know of numerous tragic endings of such cases because of over-time issues and internal politics that prevent dedicated public servants from taking immediate action in looking for missing persons.    

Emergency locates are those people that leave for work or school and do not make it to work or school.  There whereabouts are unknown and presumed in danger.  We quickly respond to locations while obtaining details enroot.  We physically trace a persons steps after the departed their last location known by witnesses.  We have a group of volunteers to call upon that will assist in these acute searches.  We utilize resources available with The National Center for Missing & Exploited Childrend http://www.missingkids.com/home   We also work with the Washington State Patrol Missing Persons Information Center http://www.wsp.wa.gov/crime/mpu.htm


Adults, Vulnerable Adults, Children, Abducted Children, Runaway Teens, and Human Sex Trafficking Cases., Missing Heirs, Witness Locates, Dead Beat Parents, Long Time Gone Relatives.

  • Assistance with the service of legal papers, or the collection of a debt

  • Enforcement of a judgment, child support payments, or other court order

  • To assist with the recovery of chattered, missing or stolen property

  • Locating witnesses in a documented civil or criminal proceeding

  • Locating a suspect in a crime

  • Investigation of fraud or identity theft

  • Settlement of a will or estate.

  • Locating an immediate family member who is lost or missing.


Mental Illness

In July 2019 alone Seattle Private Investigator received over two dozen calls from subjects with paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar, and other mental illnesses.  They suffer from severe impaired thoughts, shifts in moods, and disconnect from reality.  There is an undeniable pattern that we receive more and more calls each year and now each month.  Callers are highly educated professors, lawyers, teachers, doctors, Microsoft, and Amazon IT and encompass all socio economic, races, gender, and educational levels.  Also, some only exhibit their illness AFTER we have initiated work or completed the work.  Ultimately, they are incapable of comprehending the facts and reality of their case conclusion. 

What also occurs, are family members from out of state retain our services to locate their loved ones that stopped showing up for work, are now missing and suffer from an undiagnosed mental illness.  This video outlines almost every statement we have heard from callers and clients.  The only example not covered are when a caller indicates they have tin foil on their heads because the CIA installed a microchip in their skull. Other claims are neighbors and unknown mystical strangers have broken into their homes and moved items around.  Another recent caller indicated his dog spoke to him and the CIA injected him with potion 0966, which rendered him invisible.  Another caller who was accused of workman’s comp fraud said the government had attached several wizards to his body.  What makes matters worse, is the above non clients and clients will go on Yelp and post a bizarre baseless review.  The above just covers telephone calls.  We receive over two dozen emails a month as well with same content.  The last manifesto email indicated it was from John F. Kennedy and he was trying to find Marilyn Monroe because she owed him money.  They email subject was: “HELP ME.” One time, we met with a potential client of very high net worth in a Starbucks, they clearly were in mental distress, under the influence, and pulled a gun out, and slammed it on the table.

Another issue is when these people falsely accuse a partner, spouse, stranger on a bus or sidewalk, or friend of a crime, which leads to the person being falsely arrested and charged with a crime.  The police and prosecutor’s office do not perform any vetting of the “victim.”  This is a disservice to the taxpayers and criminal justice system.  Some of these people have ulterior motives coupled with mental illness which is blatant; however, is ignored. Don’t think this cannot happen to you either. That’s what several of our defense case clients later told us that were victims of this and suffered substantial financial loss, psychological suffering and loss personal time on a lie from someone that can cry on cue and will deliberately injure themselves to cause bruising. The innocent now has a permanent arrest record, which has to be disclosed to all future employers, is embarrassing and humiliating.