Our Investigative Approach

We assist clients in the sale or merger of their businesses and in their divestiture of corporate divisions. We also serve corporate clients and outside general counsel.  We assist clients in a variety of public and private financings, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, both domestically and internationally.  Our experienced private investigators analyze cases involving law enforcement officers and public sector employees from both the employee and management perspectives. We will investigate command staff, to include mayors, police chiefs, city council members, county officials, employees and any other person or entity that is relevant to the case investigation. We will investigate the investigators. We can travel anywhere in the United States to conduct on site interviews and investigations. We provide referrals to appropriate law firms specializing in your particular needs such as other law firms specializing in Law Enforcement and public sector employee representation including law firms specializing in violations of the Public Records Act.

In regards to employment related investigations, we neither represent the complainant or respondent in internal or external employment investigations.  We are currently engaged to provide objective, extensive and comprehensive investigative services and risk management services, for public entities, private corporations, and individuals with a high net worth throughout Western Washington. We conduct investigations in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

We handle cases involving hostile work environments, harassment, retaliation, discrimination, and terminations in addition to Violations of Collective Bargaining Agreements, Unfair Labor Practices, Policies and Procedures, Criminal Law, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), Washington Law Against Discrimination (WLAD), and the Whistleblowers Act.

We will investigate disciplinary action brought against employees, including pre-textual discipline. We will attend pre-disciplinary interviews and hearings, advice regarding employee discipline situations, evaluate discipline appeals and grievances, assist attorney in preparation of tort claim, civil suit, and disciplinary cases at appeal hearings or arbitration.

For lateral officers, intending to apply for a lateral or entry position with a law enforcement agency, you can improve your chances of getting hired, by consulting with us first. Your new and current career may depend on it. Were you disqualified from a law enforcement agency either as a lateral or entry? We will conduct a comprehensive investigation and attempt to locate the particular reason for the disqualification. We will assist you in submitting documents and/or preparing an in person appeal to a Civil Service Commission or Human Resources.