Mercado, Abegail Vergara

Mercado, Abegail Vergara



In order to serve the public’s interest and safety, we are posting this information. Below is public information gathered during an extensive international and domestic criminal case. The victims all agreed and recommended we post this. Mercado, Abegail Vergara 05/08/1989 resides in Gig Harbor, WA. She is from Carranglan, San Jose, Nueva Ecija, Philippines and frequents Tacoma, WA. She lived in Norway where additional victims reside. There are two known victims in WA State. One associate in Montana. Additional records are within Romsdal and Molde District Courts of Norway. Norweigian Police and Family Court seek her in the U.S. for child support and as a suspect in DV case involving a Norwegian citizen. Oslo police District are also interested in speaking with her. She locates her victims on dating websites such as Tinder. She is actively involved in Petition for U Nonimmigrant Visa fraud accusing men of DV in order to obtain U.S. citizenship or general marriage fraud to obtain U.S. citizenship. She is currently in the U.S. on a B1/B2 tourism visa but actively engaged in fraud in order to obtain U.S. citizenship. All her victims are willing to speak to other men in order to prevent others from suffering from total financial ruins, psychological, and physical trauma. ALL of their life savings were drained by Mercado and what remained was spent on legal defense fees as well as counseling. All the men have PTSD as a result of dating or marrying her. So far she has married and been divorced as respondent twice. The Norwegian government permanently terminated her parental rights to her son because she was a danger to his life. She is no longer welcome in the country of Norway as she was deemed a danger to the citizens of Norway. She has attempted to marry three other men for the sole purpose of obtaining citizenship and their finances. If her plan falls apart, she will file false DV cases against men and apply for anti harassment orders. She will deliberately cause injuries to herself in order to corroborate her false allegations. She does have co conspirators in Washington State. When men ended the relationships, on separate occasions she attempted to cause the men to crash their cars to injure or kill them. Any attorney representing her will surely end up with a complaint filed against them with the bar association. If she solicits you to knowingly or unknowingly engage in immigration marriage fraud through a sham marriage for the purpose of circumventing the immigration laws, immediately contact the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The forms you sign as “petitioner” to participate in the immigration process as Mercado as “Beneficiary spouse” and mail to the U.S. government can be used against you as fraud and mail fraud. Such as forms I-130, I-485, I-751, I-864, and I-129 Victims have notified U.S. Immigration of the above that indicated they WOULD prosecute any attorney, victim’s advocate, or person that engages in this fraud with Mercado. Conduct a simple records search with below sites for copies of cases.

U.S. records can be located on https://dw.courts.wa.gov/

Pierce County Case No. 18-1-03558-1

Pierce County Case No. 19-3-01505-4

See: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Records Unit: Case No. LLV190200087156

See: Norway Records: https://www.domstol.no/no/

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