Who we are.

- Michael Javorsky - 

Agency Owner

Michael is a twelve year veteran of law enforcement. He gained experience starting as a Reserve Police Officer and logged miles on patrol. He excelled as a plain clothes officer concentrating on narcotics enforcement. He was responsible for the highest number of on viewed felony arrests, seized record amounts of dollars in narcotics and property and was assigned to major crimes task forces. He was a detective and was called on to conduct felony investigations, death investigations and serious accidents. He served as a Union President, was voted Officer of the Year by his peers, negotiated contracts, wrote collective bargaining agreements, handled grievances, and disciplinary matters. He was a firearms instructor and Field Training Officer. He valued education and training and networked with many law enforcement agencies within the Pacific Northwest.

- Ray Wittmier -

Retired Law Enforcement Officer - State of WA Private Investigator / Armed License: #3730

Ray's law enforcement career spanned over 32 years. He began as a patrol officer and eventually held every position in his department through Interim Chief which he held for a little over a year. He served in the position of Assistant Chief for more than 6 years. During his career Ray investigated a wide variety of crimes; sexual assaults, arsons, burglaries, robberies, identity theft, missing persons, fraud, property theft and drug crimes.

Ray was also involved with investigating internal affairs complaints against departmental personnel. He performed complete and thorough investigations in an effort to provide a fair and reasonable outcome for all involved parties. As a supervisor and manager he determined the appropriate discipline and corrective action for those who violated departmental policies.

Additionally Ray was deeply involved with the hiring process having filled the roles of recruiter, testing process developer, administrator, interview board member, backgrounder, and hiring manager.

Ray developed and enforced department policies based on national standards. During his tenure as Interim Chief his department received national accreditation status through CALEA (Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies).

Additionally Ray served as a union president at this department and has had the unique experience of negotiating labor contracts from both sides of the bargaining table. This experience has provided Ray a more complete understanding of contract issues from all perspectives.

Ray is a Seattle native who has numerous personal and professional contacts in the region and understands the diverse nature of our community.

- Joshua Dabling -

From humble beginnings, Joshua worked his way through high school, college, and law school. He has worked in sales, customer service, teaching, construction, language interpretation, and simple down to earth hard work. He has owned a small business since 2004.
Joshua has a Bachelor in Business Finance from University of Phoenix and a Juris Doctrate from Oklahoma City University. He finished these degrees while taking care of his wife and children.
Joshua's focus on labor and employment laws reaches from the private to public sector, working with people to protect their careers and livelihoods. He understands that is isn't just a job, its the way you take care of your family.

313 NE 185TH ST
Shoreline, WA 98155
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Joshua David Dabling, J.D.
Dabling Law Firm, PLLC - (425) 210-5495
WSBA #44792

- Gregg Wishkoski -

Wishkoski is our conflict resolution and mediation expert with over 20 years of experience. He spent most of that time working as a professional educator, a professional negotiator and a professional contract compliance specialist for the Washington Education Association (WEA). He facilitates negotiations and settlements between disputing public and private parties by providing mediation and conflict resolution while working collaboratively with groups and individuals. Wishkoski possesses superior communication skills, negotiation skills, problem-solving skills, and conflict resolution skills. He has a track record of maintaining confidences while exercising sound judgment and using professional discretion.

Wishkoski is currently an emeritus Manager of Advocacy and Organizing for the Washington Education Association where he directly supervises over 60 employees.

- Paige Ritterbusch -

State of WA Private Investigator License: #3892

Paige Ritterbusch joined the investigation team after retiring from federal law enforcement service in January 2014. Her career spans 30 years, working in large city, urban, and remote locations beginning with U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service as a U.S. Park Ranger.  Working in 10 predominantly large western national parks, expertise in the areas of patrol, investigations, emergency services and as a supervisory ranger was acquired. She has supervised up to 10 employees at one time and was involved in all aspects of employee management.   In some park settings, Paige held county  and state peace officer authority. Paige’s career evolved and expanded toward full-time investigation, working for U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service as a Special Agent (1811) which required a top secret security clearance. While serving with the U.S. Forest Service, Paige received a Certificate of Merit from the U.S. Forest Service Regional Investigations Unit, and was awarded for exemplary service during simultaneous case investigations including drugs, assault, fires and theft. As a federal agent and officer, some of  her lead case preparation included large scale illegal drug production and manufacture on public lands, destruction of government property, forest product theft, archaeological resource theft, timber theft both individual and commercial, homicide, murder, burglary, contract fraud, assaults, domestic violence, missing persons, accident investigation, death investigation, illegal use and possession of firearms, threats against employees and public, smuggling investigations, wild land fire natural and human caused.  Paige conducted surveillance and counter surveillance, conducted some work undercover, interviewed suspects and defendants, conducted damage and cleanup assessments, prepared detailed case reports, and testified in federal and state court.

Additional assignments included service on a Special Events Tactical Team (SETT) for the Pacific West Region, National Park Service for 10 years.  Examples of SETT details included protection details during presidential visits and border assignment in Southern Arizona.  Other duties performed  throughout  her career was a defensive tactics instructor for 10 years, a wild land and structural firefighter, boat operator, and an emergency medical technician.  Paige was also trained and served as a peer counselor and family liaison for critical incident stress management (CISM) for over 10 years.  Her law enforcement training was completed at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Glynco, GA.  She holds a master’s degree in park administration and a bachelor’s degree in park and recreation with a minor in law enforcement from Western Illinois University.