City of Seattle agrees to indemnify communist Sawant for calling officers murderers

This is reprehensible and an example of liberal politics rum a muck.  Complete waste of tax payers money, which could be used for homeless shelters and other basic needs of Seattle residents in need of food, shelter, and medical attention.  There is considerable community outrage at this ridiculous decision and statement by the City of Seattle.  There is no justification for paying her legal expenses.  This sets a bad precedence and I hope hundreds of other employees seek to be indeminfied for speach or other conduct which clearly has nothhing to do with their job descrition or duties.

Officer suffers stressed induced stroke/seizure.

I have never seen this occur before.  My guess is this officer had a stress induced seizure/stroke.  This is an entirely new type of incident.  It starts almost immediately has the officer begins speaking with the suspect. You can hear it in his voice and it slowly beings, then a full blown attack.

Private Investigator Ninth Upholds Ex-LA Undersheriff’s Obstruction Conviction

Private Investigator 09/01/17 Update on UC President Janet Napolitano

Update on typical university corruption.  Finally, these criminals will be held responsible.  Unfortunately, this will not deter other universities from engaging in the same method of operation.   The  "Do as I say, not as I do" ideology lives on.  Typical response to this from UC, will be an announcement they are conducting their own independent and objective investigation, which should be included in the opening monologue on Saturday Night Live.


Man threatens Sheriff and his chief of staff with a pair of scissors