Criminal Investigations

We can provide a unique fresh insight to help bring resolution to recent and unsolved crimes.  We can help uncover new leads, review existing case investigation by law enforcement, and develop new concepts to ultimately locate the truth.  Whether you are the victim, family member, friend or an accused, we will conduct complete and thorough investigations, with sincerity, on your behalf. 


Our Vision

As prior law enforcement officers/detectives, and now licensed private investigators, we will assist in preparing criminal cases through initial incident, the preliminary-hearing process and/or through jury trials for families and attorneys.  We will  gather any information and evidence which will advance legal theories in order to benefit the client's case.


We possess knowledge of statutory and case law, local rules of court, civil procedures, forensic sciences, techniques of evidence collection, its preservation, and admissibility.  We also assist attorneys by reviewing police reports, photographing crime or accident scenes, interview witnesses, obtain signed and recorded statements, prepare documents for demonstrative, recommend experts, and testify in court.  We will always exhibit the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.  

  • Missing and/or Exploited
  • Pre-Charge investigations/are you under investigation
  • Murder/homicide cases
  • Attempted murder
  • Manslaughter
  • All major felony assaults & deadly weapon charges
  • Robbery
  • Home invasion
  • Criminal threats, kidnapping, arson, stalking, mayhem, domestic violence
  • Accusations that a corporate officer or employee has engaged in criminal or civilly actionable conduct.
  • Criminal investigation or indictment of an employee, partner, vendor, or subcontractor.
  • Knowledge of a civil investigation.
  • Death of an employee or other party, coupled with the involvement of an employee.


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