Computer Monitoring and Forensics


Our company utilizes professional computer forensics experts to assist in computer forensic investigations. We can install software on your computers to assist you in monitoring users activity. We can obtain electronic evidence from computers and electronic media in order to analyze and preserve that evidence for admissibility in court. We are able to identify, extract, and interpret - documentation of electronic evidence. We work with individuals, businesses and lawyers that are skilled in all areas, including preparation for legal actions and trial.  For these extensive detailed forensic case work we utilize IT Forensics conducts case work for many Federal, State and local government agencies at the highest level of forensic abilities used for prosecution.  


Clients on a budget, we refer them to where they can obtain an identical laptop computer and start with a clean operating system.  This is the same for smart phones.    

  • Computer forensics for evidentiary gathering for criminal and civil case preparations.  
  • Monitor key strokes real-time from anywhere
  • Block ANY webpage based on content or web address
  • Read Instant Message Conversations
  • Read Incoming and Outgoing Email
  • Log every keystroke
  • Take pictures of screenshots so you can see EXACTLY what is typed, surfed or read
  • Record online and offline activities
  • Quickly sift through data using unique keyword system
  • Impossible To Detect Theft

Our Process

We will investigate disciplinary action brought against employees, including pre-textual discipline. We will attend pre-disciplinary interviews and hearings, advice regarding employee discipline situations, evaluate discipline appeals and grievances, assist attorney in preparation of tort claim, civil suit, and disciplinary cases at appeal hearings or arbitration.

For lateral officers, intending to apply for a lateral or entry position with a law enforcement agency, you can improve your chances of getting hired, by consulting with us first. Your new and current career may depend on it.

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