Intravaia Investigations and Casey Kasem investigation

Intravaia was very proud and humbled to be part of the Casey Kasem investigation.  Intravaia conducted expert risk assessment and management, coupled with physical protection of Kerri Kasem, her siblings and father Casey Kasem. Intravaia was an intricate part during the initial stages of investigating Kasem's arrival in WA State, facilitating visits with him, and ultimately his removal and transportation to St. Anthony Hospital ICU.  This was a constantly evolving case with known threats.  Intravaia worked closely with the law firms representing Casey Kasem and Kerri Kasem in WA and CA.  We assisted in the court proceedings providing depositions and acted as a liaison with the sheriff's office. Casey Kasem passed away on Father's Day June 15th 2014 with his children, loved ones and relatives beside him.  We are proud to have been a part of making that possible.